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Your turn to become a main character

Since 2017, Librio has allowed nearly 500,000 children in 108 countries to become the hero of their own story.

Now, we're offering you the chance to play a lead role in Librio's next chapter by becoming a shareholder - from just 300 CHF.

Librio has been fully independent until now. This is the first-ever chance to become a shareholder.

When we see what we've achieved alone, we can't wait to see what we can achieve together.

A Swiss start-up success story

Librio has won the hearts of 110,000 customers in Switzerland and 200,000 internationally.

We've generated over 17M CHF in revenue, all while staying true to our values by producing sustainably and donating 1% of revenue to social and environmental causes.

We've also operated profitably since 2019, making us a sustainable business in every sense of the word.

Our vision

We'll use your investment to expand our team so we can create more books, naturally, but also other products you've requested from us such as games, greeting cards, photo products, calendars, stationery, even audio books.

Our vision is to become the standout Swiss family brand of the 21st century. Creating memorable, sustainable best-in-class products while doing business ethically and creating jobs in a first-class work environment.

Your benefits as a Librio shareholder

As a Librio shareholder, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:
  • You'll be a VIP member of our community, shape our future development, and receive exclusive discounts and goodies.
  • You’ll share in the financial upside through dividends as we grow the business.
  • You'll play a key role in creating a values-driven, sustainable Swiss family brand and your family will own a piece of the company as a reward.

We’d love to have you as one of the main characters in the exciting next chapter of Librio’s story.

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