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100% recycled paper
Perfect for ages 0-7
4.9/5 customer rating
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How it works

Librio’s books are a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional storytelling, making you feel warm, fuzzy and “Wow” all at the same time. It takes just a couple of minutes to create a gift which will be cherished for ever.

  • You create your little Hero’s book
  • We print it using Technology of the Future
  • We whisk it anywhere worldwide within 7-14 days
  • Warm, Fuzzy, Wow

Spread the love

Seeing themselves as the hero of their own book lets children’s imagination run wild and enhances the shared experience of reading together.

Studies show that personalised books increase the enjoyment of reading for children and parents alike.
For every book sold, we give £1 to further literacy in local communities in the UK, Australia and Europe.
Higher literacy rates lead to a fairer, more balanced society and we are committed to promoting a love of reading for all children, not just those lucky enough to enjoy Librio's books.

For the planet, for the children

As parents and 'auncles' ourselves, it is extremely important to us to produce our books in the most sustainable way possible without having to compromise on quality.

For every book sold, we plant a tree through our partner, Trees For The Future.
Our books are printed on absurdly high quality 100% Recycled FSC certified paper (if we didn’t tell you it was recycled, you wouldn’t have noticed).
We print with the award-winning Pureprint Group, one of the most sophisticated and sustainable printers in the world.

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