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A selection of images from inside our Search and Find Europe book

About the book

Following the success of our bestselling search-and-find world tour, we take your little one on a journey to 11 fabulous European locations. They will travel from Finland’s northern lights to Greece’s sun-soaked beaches via the mysteries of Stonehenge and the secrets of Transylvania.

As well as looking for themselves in each country, there is also a series of numbers hidden throughout the book which, when strung together, will lead them to a secret message which you’ve created just for them.
Image of an ipad screen where a Search and Find European book is being personalised

It's not just about the name, it's about how they look too

Our super fun configurator allows you to create a character who looks just like the special person you create the book for. Choose from thousands of combinations with options including skin tone, hair style and clothing as well as glasses and freckles.
Create your character
Image of how the Secret Message looks

A special message for your little one to find

When you create the book, you can add a personal funny, inspiring, or loving message for your little one that will only be revealed when they have found the code to unlock it. They can then print out your message and stick it in the front of the book as a dedication to make it even more individualised.

What our customers say

An Owl saying 'hi' in Spanish, a Beaver saying hi in Swiss, Squirrel saying hi in English, Hedgehog saying hi in French and mice saying it in Italian and German

Available in several languages

My Search-and-Find European Trip is available in 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Luxembourgish.

To create the book in your chosen language, just use the language dropdown when creating your main character.
Create your character
Image showing our illustration of Stonehenge and how it looks in the product

It’s (almost) mathematically impossible for two books to ever be the same

In every country, there are three locations where your little one could be hiding. Our magic computer chooses their locations at random, which means that if you buy a book for two children, it is very, very unlikely that they’ll be hiding in the same places (only a one in 177,000 chance).

Given that you can also choose how your child looks as well as personalising the cover, we don't have enough room on our calculator to work out how unlikely it is that any two books will ever be the same.
Two Search and Find Europe books sides by side, with different cover configurations of colour and location

Format and quality

We're fanatical about the quality of our products, from the hand-painted illustrations to the luxurious finish. They feel as good as they look and are printed on 100% recycled paper too, though you'd never guess it.

The book is 26 pages long and comes in three formats: softback, hardback and jumbo hardback. The jumbo format is 25% bigger than a standard book for even more search-and-find fun!

Softback: 25.8 × 21.5 cm / 10.16 × 8.46 in
Hardback: 26.5 × 22.2 cm / 10.43 × 8.74 in
Jumbo: 30.8 × 25.8 cm / 12.12 × 10.16 in

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More than a book: holding a book with both hands out of which a seedling is growing

More than a book

As creators of products for future generations, we strive to do business in a way that our children, our customers and we ourselves can be proud of.
We’re therefore committed to creating our products as sustainably as possible. In addition, we support both social and environmental causes every time you make a purchase with us.
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A selection of our fabulously personalised children’s products

How long does it take?

Each of our products is a unique gift created especially for your little one.
Printer Bear and his team usually need up to 3 working days for this process.

They are then shipped directly to your door from our print shops in the UK, USA, Germany and Switzerland. 

If you're lucky enough to live in the UK, Germany or Switzerland, you should receive your order within 7 days

Orders to the USA will be with you in 7-10 days with priority delivery and 10-14 days with standard delivery. 

European orders should arrive within 2 weeks.
Other orders within 3 weeks. 

Express deliveries should arrive worldwide within 10 days