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About the book

One day, after a trip to see the incredible Madame Fidelli and her Fabulous Orchestra, they hatch a plan to create their very own Orchestra. Except this one won't just be fabulous, it'll be FANTABULOUS.
Follow your little one on a heartwarming journey as they learn that the most important thing is to be true to yourself and to listen to your heart.
My Fantabulous Orchestra is about a little child - who you get to choose - who loves making all kinds of noise, especially when it’s with their very own instrument.

Create a little one who looks just like them - and their instrument!

Our super fun configurator now has even more options to choose from for your little musicians. Not only can you create your character so they look just as you want them to look, you now have the option of giving them their very own instrument to play! We also offer hearing aids for the first time, so everyone can hear the Fantabulous Orchestra’s sweet music.
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Format and quality

We're fanatical about the quality of our products, from the hand-painted illustrations to the luxurious finish. They feel as good as they look and are printed on 100% recycled paper too, though you'd never guess. The book is 38 pages long and comes in two formats, softback and hardback.

Softback: 21.5 cm x 25.8 cm  / 8.46 x 10.16 in
Hardback: 22.2 cm x 26.5 cm  / 8.74 x 10.43 in

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More than a book: holding a book with both hands out of which a seedling is growing

More than a book

As creators of products for future generations, we strive to do business in a way that our children, our customers and we ourselves can be proud of.
Through our More than a Book program, we donate 1% of our revenue (not profits) to causes improving the future of millions of children and the planet they will grow up on. 

We’re also committed to manufacturing our products as sustainably as possible, printing locally using only 100% recycled paper and packaging materials.
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For information on final order dates for Mother's Day / Father's Day 💕, please see our FAQ.

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