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Librio’s environmental philosophy

It probably goes without saying that the Librio team is obsessed with children’s books. We own over a hundred of them personally and Librio employees have the unique perk of being able to choose one picture book per month to add to our own little library.

However, we are also parents and auncles and we are acutely aware that the actions we take today define the world we leave to our children. As the famous quote goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.”

As such, we wanted to produce our books in the most sustainable way possible.

So, we sought out Pureprint Group, one of the most sustainable printers in the world, and we sought out the finest recycled paper money can buy. We’re very confident that our books are amongst some of the most environmentally friendly books you’ll ever own.

We were pretty satisfied with that and would have left it there. But then we started digging into the traditional publishing market and were disappointed to realise that the vast majority of children’s books are printed in just about the most unsustainable way possible. The paper comes from undocumented sources and the books are produced in huge facilities in parts of the world not renowned for their environmental credentials. And so, in our own small effort to combat that, we also committed to planting one tree through our partner Trees For The Future for every book we create.

Ultimately, our job is to bring you and your loved ones joy in the form of a beautiful product. If we can do that in a way which also bring you satisfaction, knowing that not only were no trees harmed in its production, but also a little tree was planted as a result of your purchase, then our job is even more complete.

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