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Beautiful bedtime stories

Complete your evening ritual with the children by reading them a short bedtime story to gently send them off into the land of dreams. Our books are the perfect way to end the day in a very special way.


A magical fairytale

Join the main character in our book “The Tree, The Key & Me" on a fairytale journey through an enchanted forest. Will they manage to save the forest before the colors disappear? A wonderful story that invites little ones to dream.

Age recommendation: 1 - 7 years


Bedtime stories with Daddy

The book “Lost For Words" is about the special relationship between a child and their dad. It shows the beautiful, happy and challenging moments of everyday life. The book is a touching story about growing and learning together as a strong father-child team. A wonderful story to snuggle up to sleep with.

Age recommendation: 0 - 99 years


Safe in mom's arms

“A Love Like Ours" is a touching book about the special bond between a mom and her child. The story tells in a heart-warming way how they are always there for each other. It is a book about all those moments that make the relationship between mother and child so special. The little one will fall asleep in mommy's arms in no time.

Age recommendation: 0 - 99 years


A gentle journey into the land of dreams

This touching book welcomes a child to our wonderful planet. A very beautiful book that makes an excellent bedtime story.

Age recommendation: 0 - 3 years

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"My husband was in tears after seeing the book I made for him. He reads it to our son every night and it makes it for such a special bonding time between the two of them! Highly recommend it!"

Natassia U. about the book "Lost for Words"